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Our firm is exclusively dedicated to the preparation and prosecution of patent applications. Our main goal is to match the technology of each invention8 to one of our patent attorneys who is already experienced in the prior art of the invention. We offer very competitive flat rate prices and volume discounts. Currently, our areas of expertise include mechanical, electrical, materials engineering, medical equipment and bio-technology. We are only able to accept a limited number of chemical patents at this time.

Our philosophy is that a patent must teach in such a way so as to be friendly, readable and understandable. We have discovered that our writing style encourages more interaction between an attorney and an inventor, resulting in a finished product that reflects the dedication and the cooperation of the inventor and writer. The patents that we write are not wordy, unnecessarily long, or inconsistent in content or language. In short, our patents are complete, compact teachings that anyone with interest would enjoy reading.

Need a Patent?

A simple mechanical patent application for a single invention is prepared for a flat rate fee of $6,500 plus $85 per drawing sheet.

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